• Tiara Pratiwi STIKOM The London School of Public Relations
  • Ina Novita Sari
  • Yuliana Riana Prasetyawati
Keywords: framework model; repositioning; dissemination; new identity; JAKTV


Market developments and changes in the audience's lifestyle, in general, have made some companies to be able to adapt. Sometimes it will lead to reposition of the target market and corporate image as an effort to win the trust of the people, compete, maintain the existence, and expand their market share. One of the efforts that can be done is changing the company's identity. One of the affected companies is a company who is engaged in the television industry. The result of the research from the Accenture Digital Consumer Survey 2015 in United Stated of America shows a pattern of a regular broadcast television consumption among adolescents to adults (8–35 years) continues to experience a significant decline, they are no longer watch television shows by sitting facing the screen as they did 10–15 years ago, but they prefer watching television on video. JAKTV as a company that is also affected has changed the identity of the company and carried out the dissemination process since January 1, 2018. This research aims to analyze and evaluate the implementation of public relations tactics in disseminating the changes new identity of JAKTV. The main concept of this research are the 7 C’s of communication and public relations tools with descriptive qualitative research method and in–depth interviews that are carried out for both of internal and external informants. The results of this research is a framework for JAKTV’s new identity dissemination model. The recommendation for this research is that further researchers be able to research the perception of JAKTV's public target towards repositioning JAKTV as from Jakarta to Indonesia.


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