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Thus, difficulties in conducting learning activities that are integrate with technology that can be controll. However, on the other hand it remains related to the challenges in increasing student motivation, concentration and independence on learning tasks; In addition, it is also important to provide a way to manage students' perceptions of technology to be effective and efficient in their knowledge. Therefore, research related to the perception of learning resources and independence becomes an important and difficult problem in improving student achievement so that it can compensate for technological development. This research can discuss the source of learning and independence in learning and its effect on student achievement. With the existence of independent attitudes and perceptions of learning resources within students, learning objectives will succeed in achieving what is expected. This research was conduct at Class XI Private Vocational High School Students in the East Jakarta Region. The population used in this study were all students of class XI with total 450 students. Sampling used by purposive sampling technique. The number of samples obtained was 80 respondents. Based on the results of the analysis, there is significance obtained by students from learning resources and learning independence on the learning achievements of social studies students.</p> Muhammad Yusuf, Syamsu Yusuf Copyright (c) 2020 Muhammad Yusuf Wed, 10 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0700 THE INFLUENCE OF AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP ON ORGANIZATIONAL COMMITMENTS <p><em>This study aims to determine the effect of authentic leadership on organizational commitment mediated by psychological capital in the sports shoes industry in the Tangerang region. This study uses quantitative methods with SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) analysis techniques which are operated using the SMARTPLS 3.0 program. In this study, a detection test of the effect of intervening variables was done through multiple tests. The results showed that authentic leadership influences organizational commitment with psychological capital as a mediation between the two. The original sample value of the influence of these three variables is 0.169 and the t-statistic is 3.517. The calculation result of the sobel test got a value of 9.622, the value&gt; 1.96, this proves that psychological capital is able to mediate the influence of authentic leadership on organizational commitment of 96.22%.</em></p> Vinia Auliya, Widya Parimita, Osly Usman Copyright (c) 2020 Vinia Auliya Thu, 11 Jun 2020 00:00:00 +0700 DETERMINANTS OF HOUSEHOLD FOOD SECURITY IN WEST NUSA TENGGARA, INDONESIA <p><em>T</em><em>his</em><em> study analyze the influence of </em><em>socioeconomic</em> <em>and </em><em>demographic characteristics </em><em>with </em><em>include maternal occupation status,</em> <em>household expenditure, maternal education, access to internet, maternal age, </em><em>and </em><em>household size on the food security household level at NTB Province. Based on the data of The National Socioeconomic Survey (SUSENAS) March 2018 from </em><em>Central </em><em>Statistics </em><em>Agency </em><em>(BPS), this study is conducted by using multinomial logistic regression method to archieve the objective. The results show that household expenditure, maternal education, maternal age, access to internet, </em><em>and </em><em>household size have significant effect to the food security household level at NTB province.</em><em> This study is expected to provide an overview of household food security in NTB Province and its determinants.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong><em>Kata kunci:</em></strong> <em>Food security, Household, Susenas, Multinomial Logistic</em></p> Triana Pujilestari, Tri Haryanto Copyright (c) 2020 Triana Pujilestari Mon, 15 Jun 2020 12:29:57 +0700 THE INFLUENCE OF AUDIT TENURE, INDEPENDENT COMMISSIONER, AUDIT COMMITTEE, AND AUDIT QUALITY ON INTEGRITY OF FINANCIAL STATEMENTS. (Empirical Study on Property and Real Estate Sub Sectors Listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange) <p>ABSTRACT<br>THE INFLUENCE OF TENURE AUDIT, INDEPENDENT COMMISSIONER, AUDIT COMMITTEE, AND AUDIT QUALITY OF THE INTEGRITY OF FINANCIAL STATEMENT. The purpose of this study is to find out the variables that can affect the integrity of the report by examining audit tenure, independent commissioners, audit committees, and audit quality. This research was conducted on the property and real estate sub-sectors listed on the Indonesia Stock Exchange for the period 2015-2018. This study uses secondary data, namely annual financial reports issued by the company. By using the purposive sampling method then using the pooled method obtained 156 samples. The analysis technique used is multiple linear regression, classical assumption test and significance test. Partially 1) Audit tenure has no significant effect on the integrity of financial statements. 2) Audit committee has no significant effect on the integrity of financial statements, 3) audit committees have no significant effect on the integrity of financial statements, 4) audit quality has a significant effect on the integrity of financial statements, while simultaneously audit tenure, independent commissioners, audit committees and influential audit quality significant to the integrity of financial statements.<br>Keywords: Tenure Audit, Independent Commissioner, Audit Committee, and Audit Quality, Financial Report Integrity</p> Gine das prena Copyright (c) 2020 Gine Das Prena Sat, 18 Jul 2020 00:00:00 +0700 PARTIAL LEAST SQUARE: EFFECT OF FLEXIBILITY ON SATISFACTION AND LOYALTY <p>This study aims to examine the direct effect of flexibility on customer satisfaction, the direct effect of flexibility on customer loyalty, the direct effect of customer satisfaction on customer loyalty and examine the indirect effect of flexibility on customer loyalty with customer satisfaction as an intervening variable. The method used in selecting respondents is the purposive sampling method with a total of 100 respondents. Respondents in this study were students of the Faculty of Economics, Department of Accounting who were also Shopee users and had shopped at least once. The research model uses Structural Equation Modeling Partial Least Square (SEM-PLS). From these studies, it can be found that flexibility has a significant positive effect on customer satisfaction at the 10% level. Flexibility has a significant positive effect on loyalty at the 10% level. Customer satisfaction has a significant positive effect on loyalty at the 10% level. There is a significant positive indirect effect between flexibility on loyalty and customer satisfaction as an intervening variable at the 10% level.</p> Nina Valentika, Vivi Iswanti Nursyirwan Copyright (c) 2020 Nina Valentika Mon, 12 Oct 2020 01:42:53 +0700