Gladi : Jurnal Ilmu Keolahragaan is the official research journal of postgraduate Department Pendidikan Olahraga Universitas Negeri Jakarta. The journal provides a forum for high quality educational research intended to have a high impact on both policy and practice for a national and international readership.

Gladi : Jurnal Ilmu Keolahragaan  publishes research that reports educational practices in all appropriate contexts including, but not limited to, school physical education, club sport, and active leisure programs. The journal considers papers that discuss a broad range of physical activities, including aquatics, dance, exercise, gymnastics, outdoor and adventure activities, meditative and martial arts and sport.  

Pedagogy in these contexts refers to the interacting and interdependent components of knowledge and curriculum, learners and learning, and teachers/coaches, teaching/coaching and teacher/coach education. The journal particularly welcomes papers that consider the interactions of each of these components and their practice in specific contexts.

The journal is published twice a year, April and October. Each number in the journal contains six articles.

ISSN 1693-1556 (print) | ISSN 2597-8942 (online)