Manajemen Sarana dan Prasarana di SMP Negeri 255 Jakarta

  • Angga Harizki
  • Wahyu Sri Ambar Arum
  • Neti Karnati
Keywords: Managemen, Maintenance, Inventory, Infrastructures Education


The research aimed to identify and obtain an overview of the maintenance and
inventory of educational facilities. This research was conducted in in SMP Negeri 255 on
May 2015 through June 2016. The research used a qualitative approach with descriptive
methods. Data was collected through interviews, observation and documentation. Source
data from this study came from key informants that the vice principal fields of
infrastructure, while supporting informant I is treasurer of goods and informants II is the
principal. Results from the study showed that (1) Mechanical maintenance of educational
facilities that do SMP Negeri 255 Jakarta include awareness, understanding, organizing,
implementation and data collection. Problems that occur in the technical maintenance of
educational facilities is the lack of a clear division of labor, funding needs due to late
disbursement of BOS and BOP, and difficulty to obtain experts. (2) Procedures inventory
of educational facilities was conducted on the recording, coding and inventory
evaluation. Problems that occur in the inventory procedure for school infrastructure is
often the goods delivered are not in accordance with the required specifications of the
school, so that has caused delays in the process of recording goods.