Mutu Layanan Pendidikan di SMP Assa’adah Kecamatan Duren Sawit Jakarta Timur

  • Muhammad Nukman
  • Supadi Supadi
  • Siti Zulaikha
Keywords: Quality, Educational Service


The research was conducted in Assa’adah Junior High School District Duren
Sawit East Jakarta, which aims to identify and obtain an overview of the quality of
educational services. This research was conducted in October 2016 until February 2017.
approach used is qualitative approach with methods descriptions. Data collection was
done through interviews, observation and documentation. source data from this study is
the principal and several supporting informant as deputy principals and heads of
administration. Based on the results of research and data analysis, it can be concluded
that the quality of service at Assa’adah Junior High School has been running well. then,
from the quality of the services performed directly supervised by the principal. it can be
seen from the quality planning services starting from problem analysis, identification of
needs, formulation of objectives, devise alternative actions, action selection, preparation
of work plans, implementation of the work plan, evaluation, and feedback. Furthermore,
quality control process of comparing the performance of the service begins with the
target of evaluation, problem analysis, and manufacture of alternative actions. then, the
strategy of increasing the quality of services consisting of the development of educators,
improved quality of service, and continuous improvement.