Manajemen Pelatihan Mastering Islamic Finance di Pusdiklat Keuangan Umum

  • Fanny Amalina
  • Matin Matin
  • Amril Muhammad
Keywords: Training Management, Mastering Islamic Finance


This research was conducted at the General Finance Training Center. Which
aims to identify training management Mastering Islamic Finance process. This research
was done since october 2016 to january 2017. This research was using a qualitative
approach with descriptive methods. Data collection is done through interview,
observation and documentation study. Source of research data comes from key
informants head of planning and development division, head of implementation division,
and several informants supporters such as head of curriculum subdivision, currculum
subdivision and implementation subdivision staff.
The results of this study indicate that: (1) Planning of Mastering Islamic Finance
Training begins with training need analysis, preparing curriculum, materials, teaching
materials, assign teachers, the requirements of the participants, the venue for training.
Implementation of Mastering Islamic Finance Training at the general finance training
center appropriate with the guidelines. (2) Implementation of the training activities
carried out through several stages including methods independent study and face-to-face.
The determination of participants Mastering Islamic Finance training based on the
recommendation of General of Budget Financing and Risk Management