Manajemen Pembinaan Anak Didik Pemasyarakatan Studi Kasus LPKA Kelas II Jakarta

  • Asri Rima Jiwantari
  • Mukhneri Mukhtar
  • Siti Zulaikha


This This research aims to give a description and information about development
management in LPKA Kelas II Jakarta. This research uses qualititave approach with
case study models. Data were collected through observations, interviews, and
documentation study that have been done in LPKA Kelas II Jakarta. The result of
research shows 1) Planning in child development is not works well, because there is no
funding for the development program from the government. Thus, causing LPKA work in
agreement with another social institute 2) in organizing two functions of the institute,
Lapas Class II A Salemba also exceed as Lapas for children and adults. 3) In leadership
role, chief of LPKA coordinates another social institute for helping in execute children
development programs. 4) Each of development programs supervise by all members such
as staff, middle functionary, and high functionary. They are very responsible for
monitoring toward daily development programs. In reporting, LPKA use online system
and manual reporting system.