Evaluasi Program Mahasiswa Wirausaha (PMW) di Universitas Negeri Jakarta

  • Nuwrile Ard Khiyari
  • Wahyu Sri Ambar Arum
  • Siti Zulaikha
Keywords: Program Evaluation, Entrepreneur Student Program


This research aims to give a description and information about Entrepreneur
Student Program (PMW) that has been held at Jakarta State University. This evaluation
research uses Context, Input, Process and Product (CIPP) model with evaluative
approach and descriptive method. Data were collected through observations, interviews,
questionnaire, documentation study that have been done in Jakarta State University. The
result of research shows Entrepreneur Student Program has been well done and met the
evaluation criteria; 1) evaluation result in program background, goal and need analysis
has met the evaluation criteria and shows good in category but legal basis of the program
management team should be made, 2) evaluation result in program human resources,
objective and infrastructure of program has met the evaluation criteria but clear
organizational structure should be made and human resources who are committed and
competent in program implementation, 3) evaluation result in program preparation,
provision, business run, monitoring and evaluation has met the evaluation criteria but the
program management team need to monitor the performance of mentor and monitoring
and evaluation team so that goal of monitoring and evaluation be achieved with good
implementation, 4) evaluation result in program result and report has met the evaluation
criteria but concrete efforts should be made to encourage the formation of organizations
that specifically manages entrepreneurship program.