Information For Author


1. Article which written for Al-Marifah is the result of research and idea in language, culture, and Arabic literature, and its teaching.

2. The manuscript which written in Indonesia be typewritten with Times New Roman 12pt with 1,5 lines spacing, printed in A4 paper (21 x 27,7 cm) with maximum 15-20 pages, while the manuscript with Arabic, should be written with Traditional Arabic 18pt with single spacing or Sakkal Majalla 16pt with 1,5 spacing and printed in A4 paper (21 x 27,7 cm) with maximum 15-20 pages. The manuscript must be given in softcopy which made with Microsoft Word, sent by email:

3. Authors name should be included without any academic degree and placed below the title of the article. If there are 4 or more authors, whom should be placed below the article title is the lead author, the other author should be included in the first page’s footnote manuscript. Institute address written below the authors of the manuscript. For the importance correspondence of the author, must be include an email which written below the institution’s name.

4. Manuscript which written in Bahasa or Arabic with the essay format, with title and sub-section. The level of sub-section title written with different type of words, all the words typed in bold, italic, and placed in the left side of the page, and its not written by number. Example is on below:

           Level 1                  (WORDS IN CAPITAL, BOLD, LEFT SIDE)

           Level 2                  (Capitalize Each Word, Bold, Left Side)

           Level 3                  (Capitalize Each Word, Bold Italic, Left Side)

5.   Manuscript consist of:

a. Title (maximum 10 words)

b. Author identity

c. Abstract in Arabic and English (75-150 words) for manuscript in Bahasa, and abstract in Bahasa and English for manuscript in Arabic

d. Keyword

e. Preliminary (without sub-section title) which consist of the most relevant theoretical studies and its purpose of research (maximum 25% of all the article pages)

f. Research methods (maximum 20% of all the article pages)

g. Results (maximum 20% of all the article pages)

h. Discussion

i. Reference data (contains only referenced sources)

6. Referral sources should be one the manuscript from the last 10 years. The most referral is primer sources in the form of research report (include essay, thesis, and dissertation) and research article in journal and/or research magazine.

7. The referral and citation used the cage referral technic (name, year). Placed the source in direct quotation should be with information number of pages of origin quotation, example: (Emzir, 2015:9)

8. The list of the referral arranged with these procedures and sorted by alphabet and chronology.

Emzir. Metodologi Penelitian Pendidikan: Kuantitatif dan Kualitatif. Jakarta: PT. Raja Grafindo Persada. 2008

Rafli, Zainal. Penelitian Tindakan kelas Dalam Pengajaran Bahasa Arab Teori dan Aplikatif. Bekasi: Paedea. 2015

9. The procedures of referral quotation presentation, table, and picture followed by the rule of writing scientific papers: essay, article and papers (Universitas Negeri Jakarta, 2010). Manuscript typed by the rule of using punctuation and pronunciation which loaded in the general guidelines of Bahasa punctuation enhanced/EYD (Depdikbud, 1987).

10. All the manuscripts checked by anonym with our Journal Team Al-Marifah PBA UNJ, whom selected by the editor according to the field he’s expertise. Author’s article given a chance to do the revision of the manuscript which should be recommended by the Journal Team PBA UNJ or editor. Certainty of decision or rejecting manuscript will be announced written.

11. Everything which is concerned with quotation permission or software computer used for the making of manuscript or other things with HAKI which done by the article author, here are the law consequences which would be appeared become the opportunity of the author.