Jurnal Green Growth dan Manajemen Lingkungan (JGG) (E-ISSN: 2597-8020; P:ISSN: 2303-2332) is a journal from Environmental Management graduate program of Jakarta State University that published periodically 6 Months, ie every June and December for each volume This journal contains articles from research results that using one of the various research methods like qualitative, quantitative, policy research, evaluation research, and theoretical research (content analysis) in the field of environmental management such as Interaction between human resources and natural resources.

The scope of environmental management and also be the focus of this journal are:

(1) the results of research in the field of planning, implementation and environmental control by various institutions and various levels of management towards Sustainable Development

(2) the results of research in the areas of strategic planning, implementation strategies and environmental control strategies by various agencies and various levels of Sustainable Development management

(3) Research results on specific social communities related to environmental problem-solving efforts towards environmental quality through management strategies, organizational behavior and leadership towards Sustainable Development.