PEREMPUAN MELEK AKSARA, PEREMPUAN BERDAYA (Merintis Keberdayaan Pelajar Melakukan Pemberdayaan Perempuan Bersendikan Kearifan Lokal Sesuai Kurikulum 2013)

  • Fritz Hotman S. Damanik Guru SMA Harapan Mandiri Sosiologi Medan
Keywords: empowering, illiterate, local wisdom, 2013 curriculum


The number of illitrate people in Indonesia has reached 6.4 million most of which are female. The problems resulted from desrimnation and marginalization of the females get more complicated due to reading unability prohibiting them to access information to develop their panoramic view of life. One of the Basic Competences of Sociology in Grade XI with the interest of Social Science is the students are able do design, implement, and report of empowering the community on the basis of local wisdem under the globalization influences. This paper discusses how empowering is intended to prepare resources, opportunity, knowledge, and expertice to improve community capacity that they can make their own decision of their future and participate as well as affect community life within the society. This paper is of the opinion, the knowledge and skills to be developed are literate ability based on the local wisdom: wisdom or local knowledge of a community generated from the value of the traditional culture such as sayings, advice, or classic motto embedded in daily life. The local wisdom quite often develops to be indigenous or local knowledge and localgenius.