• Idris HM Noor Pusat Penelitian Kebijakan Balitbang Kemdikbud


Educational character cannot be separated from the values of moral, nation culture, and religion. The nation that keeps tightly on the rule of religion and the principle of its culture will always be conducting
its culture. The strongest nation is characterized by the implementation of its characters. The education character cannot be formed spontaneously but it is developed since the children be at home. The family is the first and main defends in educating children for an adult people and for a responsible citizenship. One of the components which influences the reducation of nation character is that the lack of implementation of moral values, religion, and nation culture. Education is one of defends of nation character values. Therefore, education character at school should continuously be implemented integratively in instructional process and it should be put in the curriculum. This analysis uses document study method. The result of analyisis concludes some factors which affect the lack of education character in education i.e: the reduction of the moral values, religion, and culture. Some actions that the Ministry of Education and Culture should do in overcoming the lack of nation moral values in education sector such as at school is that to work collaboratively with media such as television to forcast Indonesian culture as it was done before on television such as: wayang, local dance or song, specific local industry, and community self help. Some simple strategies in implementing character values at school is that by implementing instruction of nation character integratively with all subjects.

Keywords: moral, culture, religion, character, school

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