• Wanto Rivaie Universitas Tanjungpura Pontianak
Keywords: multicultural social engineering, social interaction, social institution


The result of this research indicated that: (1) the couses of Dayak, Melayu and Madura ethnics in Sebangki Villages, Landak District, West Kalimantan avoided from conlict are because of the competition of jobs
order are very little. The limitation of physical infrastructures building like: streets, electricity, and telephone or celularphone that can be used for social movement, relatively long distance between village to village and the most of existing government and education institution, as well as institutions of religious, politics, and the family function still are efectif to maintain threir daily social life; (2) social interactional models between Dayak,Melayu and Madura can be conducted through married system, economic activities, institutions: of adat Dayak Kanayatn, social/ education, religious, and politics; (3) the construction of
social capital between those etnics is very strong ; (4) the social engineering which conducted by government institution and the existing institutions of: adat, social/ education, religious, politics, and the family function in Sebangki villages are very high. The methods of social control within multicultural ethnics in Sebangki use persuasive and coersief techniques. This techniques may be appropriate because they can give positive responses for the whole people as well as motivate people to have more interactions and consequently tighten the social capital and social integration among ethnics in Sebangki.

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