Jurnal Pendidikan Ekonomi & Bisnis |ISSN: 2302-2663 (Online)| is published by Faculty of Economics, State University of Jakarta. Jurnal Pendidikan Ekonomi & Bisnis, an electronic journal, provides a forum for publishing the original research articles, review articles from contributors, and the novel technology news related to economics education and business. This journal encompasses original research articles, review articles, and short communications, including: (1) Economics Education; (2) Business; (3) Entrepreneurship, and (4) Education Management.

Jurnal Pendidikan  Ekonomi & Bisnis has issued two times annually, i.e. March and October. The number of articles is 20 articles per year. Every article that is sent to the Editor, will be reviewed and scrutinized by the editorial board for eligibility or publication without diminishing the substance of the article.

Kompleks Universitas Negeri Jakarta Kampus A. Gd. R, Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Jl. Rawamangun Muka Jakarta Timur 13220 Telp. 021-4721227 E-mail: jpeb@feunj.ac.id cc: agus-wibowo@unj.ac.id

Published: 2018-09-30