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Hopefully this paper can provide valuable contribution to the development of economic and business education in Indonesia and also internationally.</p> Fakultas Ekonomi Universitas Negeri Jakarta en-US Jurnal Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Madani (JPMM) 2580-4332 <div class="item copyright"><a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/" rel="license"><img src="http://i.creativecommons.org/l/by-nc-sa/4.0/88x31.png" alt="Creative Commons License"></a> <p>This work is licensed under a <a href="http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/" rel="license">Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License</a>.</p> </div> Signifikansi Pendampingan Akademisi Dalam Literasi Peradaban Pembangunan Desa Rabak Dalam Dimensi Religiusitas http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/6246 <table width="356"> <tbody> <tr> <td width="356"> <p><em>A journ</em><em>ey to have community development in remote area from </em><em>Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta. The unit analysis of this journal is a book with the same tittle published by Pusat Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat (PPM) UIN Syarif Hidayatullah Jakarta 2017. The objective of this study on this article were: the writers was describing the result of KKN program that already held from July 25</em><em><sup>th</sup></em><em>, 2017 until August 25</em><em><sup>th</sup></em><em>, 2017 in Rabak, Rumpin. However, the writers would like to explain the result of analysis using S.W.O.T analysis into the programs and the result will be described as descriptive qualitative and quantitative method. The results of this study indicate that the </em><em>community development in </em><em>village of Rabak has a very rich nature, especially its natural resources to farm, but the wealth that exist in the natural village of Rabak is not in line with its destructive nature management that has existed for a long time.</em></p> </td> </tr> </tbody> </table> RM Aziz Meiropa Lusiana Khairul Fuadi Muhammad Wildan Musthofa Copyright (c) 2018 RM Aziz, Meiropa Lusiana, Khairul Fuadi, Muhammad Wildan Musthof 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 154 173 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.01 Pelatihan Media Pembelajaran Berbasis E-Learning, Schoology Bagi Guru SMK Program Keahlian Administrasi Perkantoran Di Kabupaten Jombang Jawa Timur http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/5961 <p><em>Training of learning media based on e-learning schoology held for teachers of MGMP SMK Office Administration Expertise Program in Jombang District. Community Service Activities aims to (1). Providing the delivery of materials to teachers about e-learning learning media, schoology, (2). Provide mentoring to teachers to apply e-learning based learning media, schoology. The training conducted by the team of devotion to the community uses lecture method that is when giving material to the participants, discussion and question and answer, and practice of schoology application by TIM PKM to the participants. The results obtained in this training have benefited MGMP economic teachers in Jombang District. Teachers can recognize interesting learning media based on e-learning that is relevant to the 2013 curriculum. Teacher responses are also very positive with this training. The teachers argue that 81.81% of teachers agree that this training is very important as information variations of learning media, especially e-learning that they need. 87.27% of teachers stated strongly agree that with this training, will increase the awareness and willingness of teachers in applying interactive learning media in schools.</em></p> Brillian Rosy Meylia Elizabeth Ranu Jaka Nugraha Han Tantri Handini Copyright (c) 2018 Brillian Rosy, Meylia Elizabeth Ranu, Jaka Nugraha, Han Tantri Handin 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 174 185 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.02 Pengembangan Ekonomi Kreatif Melalui Pemanfaatan Talas Beneng Sebagai Komoditas Unggulan Kelompok Tani Kelurahan Juhut, Kabupaten Pandeglang, Provinsi Banten http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/8643 <p><em>The activity has aimed to solve the</em><em> existing problem of farmers to develop the cultivation of Talas Beneng</em><em>, which has competitiveness towards the development of creative Industries. Talas Beneng as one of Taro varieties of large size products with</em> <em>high protein content and an attractive yellow colour. Bina Mandiri Farmers’ group is a partner in this program, which is located in Juhut Village. Their problems include (1) the trend change of Talas Beneng products; (2) lack of farmers’ knowledge and skill to cultivate the plant; (3) lack of farmers’ ability to utilize information technology (internet) as a means of marketing and business management. The solution of the problems are (1) the</em> <em>cultivation</em><em> training</em> <em>of</em> <em>Talas Beneng oxalic acid levels</em><em>; (2) the improvement of human resource capacity to manage</em> <em>the cultivation; </em><em>(3) the training of information technology use as a marketing tool for the product; (4) the training of human resources capacity building in terms of management and finance. The </em><em>Target of program is improving the ability of the target group in plant engineering knowledge, marketing and financial management with the support of the Banten provincial government, partnerships with industry and academia.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Sintha Wahjusaputri Bunyamin Bunyamin Tashia Indah Nastiti Copyright (c) 2018 Sintha Wahjusaputri, Bunyamin, Tashia Indah Nastiti 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 186 203 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.03 Penyegaran Kemampuan Guru dalam Merancang Media Pembelajaran Melalui Aplikasi Powtoon dan Screencast O Matic http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/8621 <p>The lack of technology and information utilization in the making of learning media by teachers is the main factor in this community service activity. It is a challenge for teachers to create an interactive and varied learning media that can stimulate students to be more active, stimulate students' critical and creative thinking. To increase students' concentration and interest is audio-visual media, which is able to stimulate their senses of sight and hearing together. This designing audio-visual learning media based IT training uses the Powtoon application and the Screencast O Matic application. Direct and mentoring training made it easier for teachers to produce interesting and interactive learning media based on audio-visual. The aims of this training in community service are 1) provide teachers' knowledge and understanding of the nature of learning media, 2) developing audio-visual media training uses Powtoon application and Screencast O Matic application, 3) provide assistance related to audio-visual learning media based IT. The subjects in this community service are vocational high school teachers in Bangkalan and members of MGMP Otomatisasi Tata Kelola Perkantoran (OTKP). The implementation of this community service uses a variety of lecture methods, discussions, question and answer, direct tutorials and direct practice of making an audio-visual learning media based IT. The result of this community service are that most trainees are able to practice and design learning media from the learning subjects using Powtoon or Screencast O Matic application.</p> Novi Marlena Renny Dwijayanti Finisica Dwijayati Patrikha Parjono parjono Tri Sudarwanto Copyright (c) 2018 Novi Marlena, Renny Dwijayanti, Finisica Dwijayati Patrikha, Parjono Parjono, Tri Sudarwanto 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 204 223 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.04 Pemberdayaan Pelaku Ekonomi Sektor Melalui Peningkatan Pemahaman Konsep Wisata Syariah http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/8486 <p><em>The purpose of this dedication is to improve the understanding of the concept of sharia tourism for economic actors in the tourism sector, to improve services and to increase the income for economic actors in the tourism sector in Rokan Hulu regency, Riau province. The subject of this dedication is the economic actors in the tourism sector in the Great Islamic Center mosque in Rokan Hulu district. While the object is to increase the understanding of Islamic tourism. Empowerment methods are Participatory Learning and Action (PLA) Models, or Participatory Learning and Practical Processes by holding beginning and Final Competency Tests. Based on the results of dedication, it can be concluded that the knowledge and understanding of economic actors in the tourism sector at the Islamic Grand Mosque of Rokan Hulu district about the concept of sharia tourism is increased.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Ansharullah Ansharullah Harum Natasha Adam Malik Indra Copyright (c) 2018 Ansharullah, Harum Natasha, Adam Malik Indra 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 224 236 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.05 Pemberdayaan Guru Cerdas Finansial Melalui Teknologi Informasi dalam Upaya Meningkatkan Portofolio Keuangan Keluarga di SMKN 26 Rawamangun Jakarta Timur http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/8809 <p>A good pattern of financial management will be very helpful in meeting the needs of life now and in the future. Financial intelligence is important for everyone. Therefore sufficient knowledge is needed. By understanding all existing financial and investment products, and mastering financial mathematics, someone can improve their financial intelligence.</p> <p>This method of community development is carried out at Vocational School 26 to improve financial literacy in generating computerized family financial reports. These activities consist of 1) understanding of financial literacy, 2) recording of a good family financial portfolio, 3) providing facilities and infrastructure through the procurement of equipment and practical materials, 4) mentoring in the form of consultation and guidance in making financial reports through information technology namely family financial applications.</p> <p>Conclusion of this community development activity is the participants have been able to increase knowledge about family financial management and the feedback given by the participants to the interest in the speaker and the material presented also positive enthusiasm by participating in discussion session.</p> Yunika Murdayanti Nuramalia Hasanah Indah Muliasari Copyright (c) 2018 Yunika Murdayanti, Nuramalia Hasanah, Indah Muliasari 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 237 264 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.06 Developing Entrepreneurship Characters through Community Service Program http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/8704 <p><em>Community service aims to provide solutions to solve the problem of the residents of Cipayung Girang Village, Bogor Regency, which is given through a sectoral approach as a downstream of research and teaching on the entrepreneurial aspects of the community. The entrepreneurial culture is an essential part of social activities in society because it is a benchmark in measuring the income of citizens. Program identification is carried out through a field survey to analyse the service program then. Data is collected through interviews, observation, and documentation. The results of community service show that there is an increase in the character of community entrepreneurship. The creativity of the people's business has developed through the efforts of socialisation, counselling and entrepreneurship workshops. The results of community efforts in the form of cassava muffins, banana yogurt , crispy cassava, banana peel (setup) jam, banana nectar, and sweet potato cork eggs as well as woodworking into ready-to-eat processed with local agricultural products, were exhibited at community service workshops by promoting products of the people's business to the people of Bogor.</em></p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><em>&nbsp;</em></p> Rusi Rusmiati Aliyyah Reggy Sugiarti Zahra Anjani Aini Nur Sapaah Copyright (c) 2018 Rusi Rusmiati Aliyyah, Reggy Sugiarti, Zahra Anjani, Aini Nur Sapaah 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 265 287 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.07 Pendampingan Optimalisasi Media Sosial Sebagai Sarana Pemasaran Produk http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/7274 <p><em>The purpose of this study is to provide knowledge and skills in the optimization of social media as a means of product marketing for Tsaqofi Community. This activity has been done with the e-learning method through the utilization of the WhatsApp group. This activity was held for a month involving nine participants. After participating in this activity, participants have understood the benefit of social media to develop their business. Participants also have practiced the theory given, so that they felt the positive advantage of community service activities. </em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Taufik Raharjo Dhedy Hendro Prasetyo Copyright (c) 2018 Taufik Raharjo, Dhedy Hendro Prasetyo 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 288 306 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.08 Revitalisasi Koperasi Syariah Berbasis Pemberdayaan Lingkungan Melalui Optimalisasi Bank Sampah http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/8894 <p><em>The amount of litter production at DKI Jakarta show a rapid climb up to 6.000 ton per days. DKI Jakarta governor asks their staff to tackle this problem to reduce the litter production since at household activity. Based on this case, Litter Bank is one good solution to plunge the amount of litter at sanitary landfills and be an innovative product which assists people to get household income. As a concern, this empowerment was held at the densely populated area with multitude household such as District of Cililitan by creating Islamic Microfinance Institution to improve litter bank performance. Based on economic aspect, the majority of social work as a labor and small enterprise who have middle until low range income. The purpose of this empowerment is divided for some aspects which are an environmental aspect, education, and social economics, for instance, an innovative product and adoption from rente system which are book saving and recycling rubbish which has a high value on the market. The method used in this empowerment is a qualitative case study approach. The data used are primary data obtained through observation and workshop to the communities on Cililitan. The empowerment was conducted during the period September 2016 – March 2017. The result depicts that Islamic Microfinance Institution scheme entered and accepted by the community through a process of active and passive processes. Furthermore, it can grow society awareness in recycling rubbish and household finance management.</em></p> Erika Takidah Susi Indriani Copyright (c) 2018 Erika Takidah, Susi Indriani 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 307 325 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.09 Pengabdian Kepada Masyarakat Guru Pengelola Koperasi di SMKN Jakarta Pusat http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/8868 <p><em>Through the results of observations and in-depth interviews, it is evident that most teachers (85%) who are school cooperative managers have never had the opportunity to attend training/workshops on the management of school cooperatives that are good and right. Most teachers who become school cooperative managers (90%) do not have an economic / accounting education background. Most school cooperatives in public vocational high schools majoring in technology and engineering are not legal entities. The solutions offered are training and mentoring as well as improving the legal status of school cooperatives to become cooperative legal entities. The method or approach offered to solve partner problems is training, mentoring, and supervision. At the time of the training, we provided material regarding Recognize Self Potency and also provided the SIKOP software and the guidebook.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Dewi Nurmalasari Marsofiyati Marsofiyati Darma Rika Swaramarinda Dita Puruwita Copyright (c) 2018 Dewi Nurmalasari, Marsofiyati Marsofiyati, Darma Rika Swaramarinda, Dita Puruwita 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 326 337 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.10 Peningkatan Pemahaman Guru - Guru SMK Melalui Pelatihan Akuntansi Pemerintah Guna Menyiapkan SDM Instansi Pemerintah http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/8864 <p><em>The development of the implementation of financial accountability in government institutions, demands an increase in the number of human resources as executors of activities. Vocational secondary schools are government institutions that produce human resources that are ready to use are required to help fulfill these resources. Correspondingly, the government established a government accounting curriculum in vocational high schools in 2018. However, the constraints faced by vocational teachers in the accounting field, many still do not understand policy changes in government accounting, even though they are required to be able to teach government accounting subjects in the class.</em></p> <p><em>Responding to this, Jakarta State University as an educational institution is obliged to carry out community service to conduct training activities for vocational teachers in East Jakarta in an effort to increase the capacity to prepare government institutions for the government</em><em>.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Ratna Anggraini Nuramalia Hasanah Ahmad Fauzi Tri Hesti Utaminingtyas Copyright (c) 2018 Ratna Anggraini, Nuramalia Hasanah, Ahmad Fauzi, Tri Hesti Utaminingtyas 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 338 354 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.11 Pemberdayaan Masyarakat Melalui Kegiatan Posdaya Pada Kecamatan Jatinegara Jakarta Timur http://journal.unj.ac.id/unj/index.php/jpm/article/view/8863 <p><em>This activity aims to empower the community through the Posdaya Approach (Family Empowerment Post in the fields of economics, education, and health). Communities in Jatinegara Subdistrict are heterogenic communities, the environment around them shows a rapidly developing economy, they must be empowered and nurtured so that they have the ability to compete. The activities carried out provide knowledge on how they should be united in the Posdaya, 10 beginner Posdaya have been formed.</em> <em>Posdaya as a center of friendship and village level empowerment activities that are planned where Posdaya will be formed. Hold a meeting to invite the community to form Posdaya and arrange Posdaya Management. In order to design the initial activities of Posdaya in four areas, namely education, and skills, including religion, entrepreneurship and cooperatives, family planning and health, environment, and hygiene and nutritious gardens.</em></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Mardi Mardi Copyright (c) 2018 Mardi Mardi 2018-12-01 2018-12-01 2 2 355 371 10.21009/JPMM.002.2.12