Analisis Faktor Adaptasi Instrumen Resiliensi Akademik Versi Indonesia: Pendekatan Eksploratori dan Konfirmatori

Factor Analysis on The Academic Resilience Scale (Indonesian Version): The Utilization of EFA and CFA approaches

  • Dewi Kumalasari YARSI University
  • Noor Azmi Luthfiyani
  • Novika Grasiawaty


Academic resilience is an individual response to overcome the academic difficulties they face. Academic resilience has three dimensions, namely perseverance, which reflects behavioral responses, reflecting and adaptive help-seeking, which reflects cognitive responses and negative affect and emotional responses that reflect the affective dimension. The Academic Resilience Scale (ARS-30) is the latest instrument that measures academic resilience. To be used in Indonesia, an adaptation process is needed to suit the context and culture in Indonesia. The purpose of this study is to validate the adaptation of ARS-30 to produce a valid and reliable measurement model. Adaptation is carried out following guidelines issued by the International Test Commission. Based on the results of reliability testing, EFA and CFA using JASP note that ARS-Indonesia is valid and reliable in measuring academic resilience. The final ARS-Indonesia fit model can be seen in the results section.