Pengaruh Metode Pembelajaran dan Kemampuan Berpikir Kreatif Terhadap Hasil Belajar Sejarah Siswa di SMA Negeri 5 Depok Kelas 11 IPS

  • Yusuf Budi Santosa
Keywords: result of historical learning, instructional method, ability to think creatively


This research has a purpose to determine the extent of the influence fromproblem solving
method and the ability to learn think creatively for the outcomes of studyinghistory for students in
public high school 5 Depok class of 11 IPS. This research is a quantitative research by using
experimental methods, treatment by level 2x2 design. The instrument used tolearn history is a
multiple choice test and for the test for ability to think creatively is questionnaire. 1) The results of the
methods showed that the learning outcomes from students who take the history learning with
instructional solving methods (problem solving) higher than students who follow conventional
teaching methods; 2) there are significant interactions between instructional solving method (problem
solving) and the creative thinking ability for students learning outcomes of history; 3) the results of
studying the history of students who take the learning solving method (problem solving) with creative
thinking ability, higher than the historical learning outcomes of students who take conventional
teaching methods with high creative thinking abilities; 4) the results of learning the history of
students who take the method of problem solving (problem solving) with creative thinking ability is
low, lower than the historical learning outcomes of students who take the instructional conventional
methods and low creative thinking ability.