Pembelajaran Sejarah Berbasis Kurikulum 2013 di SMA Kotamadya Jakarta Timur

  • Zia Ulhaq
Keywords: Instructional History,curriculum 2013, secondary school


This study aims to obtain a systematic description of the implementation of the 2013
curriculum on learning history in high school East Jakarta Municipality. The research location is in
SMAN 81 Jakarta and SMA Angkasa 1 Jakarta. This research uses qualitative approach with method
of grounded theory of research data. The results showed that the understanding of teachers in the
grassroot on various learning concepts both in terms of planning, implementation to evaluation is
quite low. From the planning, implementation and assessment, only the implementation of learning
that can be implemented by teachers in the research location, while planning and assessment is not
implemented optimally. showing by teachers not making the completely lesson plan, teachers assume
two subjects of history in secondary school (history of Indonesia and history) are the same subjects, as
well as the use of attitude assessment techniques that only use observation techniques. In addition, it
was also found out that historical learning in the research sites has been based on commucication and
information technology in accordance with the saintifik approach in the curriculum of 2013.

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Ulhaq, Z. (2017, August 30). Pembelajaran Sejarah Berbasis Kurikulum 2013 di SMA Kotamadya Jakarta Timur. Jurnal Pendidikan Sejarah, 6(2), 49 - 60.