Pengaruh Model Pembelajaran dan Kreativitas Siswa Terhadap Hasil Belajar Sejarah di SMA Islam Al-Azhar 8 Summarecon

  • Wahyudin Wahyudin
Keywords: Instructional model, Student creativity, learning outcome history


This study aimed to find out the effect of Instructional model and student creativity toward
the learning outcome of student history in SMAI Al-Azhar 8 Summarecon. The approach used was
quantitative with treatment design by level 2x2 experiment method. The study populations were the
whole of eleventh grade students and for the sample consist 2 classes, social student 2 of eleventh
grade and social student 3 of eleventh grade amount 68 students. This study instrument used that
used for the student creativity was quiz and for the learning outcome was multiple choice. The survey
results revealed: (1) the learning outcome that used TAI instructional model was higher than the
conventional instructional model, (2) there was effect of interaction between learning model and
creativity, (3) the learning outcome of student history that used TAI learning model with high
creativity result revealed higher than the conventional learning model, (4) the learning model of
student history with low creativity result revealed lower than the conventional learning model.