Peranan Pelajaran Sejarah Dalam Pengembangan Karakter Siswa Melalui Pembelajaran Berbasis Nilai Sejarah Lokal di SMA Negeri 65 Jakarta Barat

  • Jumardi Jumardi
Keywords: Character, local history and history learning


History is a subject that is closely related to the development of the nation's character as
well as the fostering of nationalism, the spirit of nationalism, the love of the homeland, the democratic
spirit, and patriotism and learners can understand events at the local, regional, national and
international levels. Historical learning through local history is needed to raise awareness of national
history and prevent students from ignorance of the historical value that surrounds it. Understanding
students SMA Negeri 65 Jakarta to the local history of DKI Jakarta can be quite understanding.
Understanding the learners of local history is inseparable from the role of the facilitator in class to link
the teaching materials with the local history of DKI Jakarta. Learners are given the task to conduct
activities directly in the field, especially in their own environment, to examine the traces of history in
order to collect historical facts. Local history-based learning in SMA 65 besides giving local materials
knowledge about history to learners, also train students to apply character values.