Upaya Optimalisasi Kinerja Pegawai Melalui Penerapan Nilai-Nilai Spiritualitas Islam

(Studi Kasus di PT. Pandu Siwi Sentosa)

  • Ilyas Rosyad Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Sari Narulita Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Andy Hadiyanto Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Keywords: Employee Peformance, Islamic Spirituality Values


This study aims to explain how the employee performance optimization program in Pandu Siwi Sentosa or Pandu Logistic, the application of Islamic spiritual values associated with employee performance optimization, and the application method of Islamic spiritual values in Pandu Logistics. In obtaining the data, the researcher used a qualitative approach. With this approach, researchers can explore more in-depth information from the research informants. The results obtain conclusions that Islamic spirituality values which is applied in relation to the performance optimization is applied through the assessment criteria performance evaluation, work culture, and service aspects which is derived in activities such as lectures, i'tikaf, smoking ban, veiling duty, praying, and sunnah praying.

How to Cite
Rosyad, I., Narulita, S., & Hadiyanto, A. (2015). Upaya Optimalisasi Kinerja Pegawai Melalui Penerapan Nilai-Nilai Spiritualitas Islam. Jurnal Studi Al-Qur’an , 11(2), 145 - 156. https://doi.org/10.21009/JSQ.011.2.04

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