• Sudirman, Agus Hakri Bokingo Universitas Negeri Gorontalo


Teachers play an important role in a learning process. Thus they are the main factor in determining a
quality of human resource in which through the qualified human resource, Indonesia has a competitive capability.
The government implements a program of teachers certification and expect to be able to improve their performance
thus their main role in the sequence of learning can be achieved. The problem statement of this research is how
teachers’ performance after certification is. This research aims to give information on how teachers’ performance
after certification is towards an improvement of their performance quality. It applies qualitative approach while its
data are both secondary and primary data. The data are obtained through literature study, observation, interview
and focus group discussion. The research is conducted at all levels of formal education in District of Gorontalo in
three months during the research period. Research finding shows that teachers’ performance after certification is
good compared to the performance before certification. Regarding improvement of teachers’ performance quality,
the government is expected to provide the teachers with information and technology mastery through continuous
training or workshop activity.
Keywords: performance, teachers, certification