• Murni Winarsih Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Keywords: ideovisual reading, hearing impairment, language acquisition


Hearing impairments have an impact on the process of language acquisition of a student with hearing impairment causing a lack of vocabulary. This condition affects a student with hearing impairment while learning to read. Reading for a student with hearing impairment are taught simultaneously with the writing n saying a word called ideovisual reading. Ideovisual reading is reading children’s ideas while having a conversation that is contained in the form of visualization of text, images, and demonstration (role playing) according to the idea expressed. The purpose of this article is to provide knowledge about ideovisual reading for students with hearing impairment. Ideovisual reading is part of the stages in implementing the Maternal Reflective Method (MMR) should be done by teachers in hearing impairment education institution so it can assist the optimal of language acquisition.

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Winarsih, M. (2017, October 31). MEMBACA IDEOVISUAL UNTUK SISWA TUNARUNGU. Perspektif Ilmu Pendidikan, 31(2), 130 - 133.