• niko bayu kumoro aji universitas negeri jakarta
  • Nadiroh Nadiroh
  • Samadi Samadi
Keywords: Academic background, MIA, IIS, HOTS in the environment, Students


The HOTS questions are able to train students to think creatively, critic and innovative. The
objectives of this research is try to finding out the information about the effect of academic
background of students on the ability of high-level thinking (HOTS) in the environment. An ex post
facto method has been applied by involving n= 120 students at SMA Negeri 21 Jakarta. Data was
analyzed by Paired Sample T-tes. The results revealed that there were significant differences of
student’s HOTS who come from academic background of MIA (Mathematics of Natural Sciences)
and the academic background of IIS (Social Sciences). Therefore, to be considered about
academic background factors that can lead students to improve HOTS in the environment.Further
research on other variables that can influence HOTS in the environment, the background of
respondents not only on the students but can be done to the general public because the environment
to be the obligation of all the inhabitants of the earth.Environment has become the dominant issue in
the beginning of this century, we need to re-educate our thinking, with further possibility to rekindle
our hope of a future with dignity for all. Therefore, to improve HOTS on the environment needs to be
considered about the academic background. Learning in schools must be able to facilitate students
in improving their thinking skills in order to create wise behavior towards the environment.

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kumoro aji, niko bayu, Nadiroh, N., & Samadi, S. (2019). PENGARUH PENGETAHUAN DAN MOTVASI LINGKUNGAN TERHADAP PERILAKU BERTANGGUNGJAWAB SISWA. Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Lingkungan Dan Pembangunan, 20(02), 34 - 49.