Dwi Susanti


This research aims to develop lecture materials to enhance student competencies related to physics media learning based on Interactive Computer Technology (ICT). This research combines qualitative and quantitative research paradigms that are modified from the Dick and Carrey model of the research and development with the following stages: preparation, development, validation, small tests, revision, and report. The technique of data collection was done qualitatively, that is recorded of intensive discussions about the course materials are developed. The advice from the colleagues included in the syllabus and the other development products. All lecture materials are already tested to 35 students from the Physics Education Department of Universitas Negeri Jakarta. The product results in the form of syllabi, power point, and student performance assessment sheet for physics school learning media based on ICT courses. All the lectures are designed for three lecture materials, consisting of: the type and function of the media, making power point, and the creation of a simple simulation program. The products have been validated by the colleagues from Physics Education Department and have met the standards of KKNI (results of Indonesia Physics Education Association Agreement). The feasibility tests of this lecture material are shown by the score given students about the quality of the products ranged from 78.86 to 88.00, and average 84.73 with excellent assessment category. The test of the student performance in the use of these products during the lectures are in a range of 65.71 to 95.00, and the mean 84.73 with excellent assessment category. The results of the tests showed that material and associated results development of viable used as learning materials.