Peer Review Process

This are some policy journal Communications:
1. Each incoming script will be checked using Web anti-plagiarism, Turnitin.
2. Every script that enters will go through the review process
3. The Reviewe process uses a double-blind review.
4. In the process of review partner Bebestari give consideration related with novelty, scientific impact, conclusion and reference used.

The reviewer's decision will be the editor's consideration for:
1. Accept Submission (received a script)
2. Revisions Required (script needs to be revised)
3. Resubmit for review (send the script back)
4. Resubmit elsewhere (send script to another journal)
5. Decline Submission (reject manuscript)

The manuscript is being held for publication for several reasons, namely:
1. The article does not correspond to the journal scope.
2. The article does not follow the rules of writing scientific papers or journal writing guidelines.
Fatal errors in the methodology.
3. The author rejects the suggestions of improvements provided by the reviewer for no acceptable reason.
The manuscript indicated plagiarism with similarity of more than 20%