Development Device Learning Training Countermeasures Fire For Security Guard at Jakarta State University

  • Jafar Amiruddin
  • Himawan Hadi Sutrisno
  • Kurnia Luthfiani Fire Material and Safety Laboratory, Jakarta State University, Indonesia
  • Faisal Ibin Fahlan
Keywords: Learning Devices, Fire Fighting, ADDIE, Security Guard



Fire events can occur suddenly, so community empowerment is needed to minimize the factors that cause fires. The security guard is one part of the community that serves as a security unit. So that security guards must also have insight into dealing with fires in their surroundings, including the Jakarta State University campus environment. One way to make security guards able to cope with fire prevention when a fire occurs at the Jakarta State University is to provide education and training for firefighters. Study this aim to develop learning tools for security guards at the State University of Jakarta on countermeasures fire. Population in study this is security Jakarta State University has 10 security guards. This research uses the type of descriptive research with a qualitative approach with a case study method with the ADDIE research model . The assessment of learning devices in this study was declared feasible from the results of the validation of the experts and it is stated that this research has a very high reliability value. And test the validity using the Pearson Moment correlation technique to get results above the value of 0.3 and it is stated that this research is valid.

Keywords: Learning Devices, Fire Fighting, ADDIE, Security Guard.