Implementation of Student Social Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic

  • Apeles Lexi Lonto Universitas Negeri Manado
  • Mardan Umar Universitas Negeri Manado


Abstract: Learning about caring for others is not only conceptual but needs to be realized in daily activities. This study examines how the implementation of the caring character of students in responding to the social situations that occurred around them during the Covid-19 pandemic. The involvement of students in handling the impact of Covid-19 is a manifestation of the implementation of the caring character values that have been learned. This study used a qualitative approach by utilizing student experience data obtained through observation, virtual interviews, and documentation. The data in this study are sourced from narrative texts compiled by students in North Sulawesi based on their social experiences including their activities and activities individually and in groups in 2020. The results of this study indicate that students manifest social concern by carrying out aid collection to people affected by the policy government regarding restrictions on community activities outside the home. This has an impact on economic aspects and fulfills community needs. Donations collected in kind and funds are distributed to the community. In addition, social care is shown by the involvement of students in various socialization activities, both in person and virtual campaigns on handling Covid-19 in Indonesia.
Keywords: Social Care, Character, Covid-19 Pandemic, Social Learning, Student Care.

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