Welcome to the Indonesian Journal of Educational Review (IJER) for English version publication. Supporting the Ministry of Research, Technology and the university of the republic Indonesia. Indonesian Government, we optimist that the International Journal publication in the State University of Jakarta will be implemented as continuing. IJER is dedicated to the latest research and developments in both theoretical and practical aspects of education review. The journal is intended as a forum for practitioners and reseachers to share their findings from  the research in the area, to identify new issues and to shape future direction for reseach, while education practitioners may use and apply the findings in a large-scale method.

These 4th volumes  number 1 of the  Indonesian Journal of Educational Review (IJER) touches upon a number of issues worthy of note in the field of educations. There are 15 articles that cover topics ranging from the incorporation of literature in the classroom to the effecs of students attitudes on learning, this journl includes authors from differents universities in some contries .

Published: 2017-07-03