Author Guidelines

Author Guidelines

Indonesian Journal of Sociology and Education Policy is a peer-reviewed journal that appears three times annually every February, June, and October. We welcome all social scientists, researchers, academics, and social activists to contribute to this journal. Paper submitted in this journal should reflects author(s)’ own views based on empirical or theoretical research. The manuscript should also clearly states the arguments that reflect the novelty based on critical review of existing literatures.  

Submission. All authors should affirm that the article must be original and exclusively submitted to the journal. The article should be research based, either empirically or theoretically and deal with broader issues of social, educational, cultural, historical, political sociology, and educational policies. One book review will also be published per edition. The article and book review can be written both in English and Bahasa.

Article. Articles submitted should be 5000 to 8000 words length. It excludes the bibliography and endnotes. They should be 12-point Times New Roman and 1.5 spaced on A4 paper size. Authors should submit two forms of manuscript. First document completed with identities for the editors, while other should be without any proof of identities for blind reviewers.

Abstract. The articles should be accompanied by around 200 words abstract in English and Bahasa. They should be 11-point Times New Roman and single spaced italic on A4 paper size.

Book Review. Book reviews should be around 1500 words, excluded bibliography and footnotes. The books that will be reviewed should be published no more than five years old. The author, book title, publisher, and year should be listed at the top of the first-page article.

Style. All authors should carefully ensure their manuscripts to follow the IJSEP styles. The article style can be found here, while the reference style can be found here.

Spelling. Use American English for English manuscript and use Ejaan Bahasa Indonesia (EBI) guidance for Bahasa manuscript (here).

Use endnotes rather than footnotes for additional information of the body paragraph. It should be 10-point Times New Roman and single spaced. Arrange the endnotes sequentially by number and include references if necessary.

At the end of the article, the authors should include all references that are used in the body text in the bibliography sections.

All manuscripts should be submitted online via Open Journal System ( Authors need to register online to create an account prior to login and submit their papers.

The authors should agree that the copyrights of the published articles are owned by the IJSEP. If the authors want to republish the article, permission from IJSEP should be acquired.