The Contribution Of Visual Literacy And Creative Thinking On Writing Skills

  • Juliaans E.R. Marantika Pattimura University, Ambon, Indonesia
Keywords: Visual Literacy, Creative Thinking, Writing Skills


Visual literacy plays an important role in the development of thestudent creative thinking especially in the writing skills. Throughoutthe visual literacy the student can expand their mind creatively whichthen transferred into the writing skills. The idea of this research basedon the visual literacy concept which can be defined as an ability tointerpret visual images as well to produce the visual images.Furthermore, the visual literacy can be used to communicate an ideaand concept in writing skills. One strategy to enhance this process isvisual literacy, which is used to activate or stimulate the cognitiveprocess from the visual materials used.The research method is thecorrelation method with 20 students as sample from the GermanLanguage in the 4th semester batch 2017/2018, which had beenselected randomly. This result of the research concludes that thevisual literacy and the creative thinking have a significant correlationon writing skills of the student. Related to increasing the student's writing skills, the using of the visual literacy throughout the studyprocess must be implemented to stimulate and improve the cognitivemind of the students.