Cultural Forms on Arabic Language Textbook "al-Kitab fi ta'allum al-'arabiyyah"

  • Fatwa Arifah Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Keywords: Culture, Textbook, Arabic Language


This research aims to identify the cultural elements contained in al-kitab fi ta'allum al-'arabiyah textbooks. The method used in this research is the content analysis method by examining the cultural forms contained in the textbook. The depth analysis is used to examine the vocabulary, sentences and context in the al-kitab fi ta'allum al-'arabiyah textbook. This research proves that in the textbook al-kitab fi ta'allum al-'arabiyah has several forms of culture, such as customs, clothing, food and beverages, as well as family relations and Arabic proverbs. This research is important because the textbook contains elements of culture. It can support Arabic learning by paying attention to the development of understanding of culture to improve communication competence in Arabic language teaching and learning.