Bamboo Root Crafts in Penglumbaran Village Kayuambua Bangli

  • I Ketut Sudita Universitas Pendidikan Ganesha
Keywords: Craft of Bamboo Base


Bamboo root craftsman named I KadekSudanco is a self-taught craftsman from the village of PenidaTembukuBangli. He is now living in Penglumbaran Village which is located in a route between Tampaksiring and KintamaniBangli tourism objects. He got his artistic talent from his perseverance to learn. With his tenacity and determination to develop his potential, KadekSudanco found an idea to process the root of bamboo into works of art that have aesthetic value. Bamboo roots were usually just thrown away or often used as firewood by the people where he used to live; therefore an idea arose to process the roots of bamboo into high-value artwork. In his hand the roots of the bamboo is processed into various forms of craft such as: mask, primitive style sculpture, ashtrays, owls, puppets and many other artistic products. KadekSudanco has successfully made unique artistic crafts that have sale value from the material which was seen as useless before. The purpose of this study is to reveal the techniques and ways in which KadekSudanco processes the roots of bamboo into works of art, while the benefits that can be obtained from this study are; first, as an in-depth presentation of the existence of works of art based on bamboo which are made in a relatively new ways and techniques, second, this study will as well promote this types of art to the newer and wider audiences. This study can also contribute to give inspiration of innovation and creativity for art students in creating artwork. This research was conducted using qualitative methods. In collecting data, several ways were used, namely interviews, documentation and literature. I Kadek Sudancos works has often been participated in exhibitions and marketed at his own country and abroad. This bamboo-based artwork is very popular with both domestic and foreign tourists. Many of his works decorate hotels, restaurants and others. This bamboo-based artwork is very unique in its shape and artistic, this work is finished with mowilek and varnish. The bamboo root material used for this type of craft is petung and santong bamboo (a reed bamboo or a bamboo with large hole), so it is easy to process. Regarding in getting the raw materials to make his crafts, KadekSudanco did not experience any difficulty. It was only that before he can easily obtained the bamboo roots for free now he have to buy them, because the process of finding good material requires a lot of effort.