The The Spheres Of Action And Narrative Function Analysis In Eternals Movie

  • Audi Gibran Saputra Gunadarma University
  • Romel Noverino Gunadarma University
Keywords: Eternals, Movie, Seven spheres of action, Thirty-one narrative function


This research used Vladimir Propp's theory to evaluate the characters in the movie Eternals, paying particular attention to the movie's seven action spheres and 31 narrative functions. What classes of action are present in the Eternals movie? How all these spheres of action be tied to narrative function. These are the challenges with this research. The purpose of this study is to examine the process of activity in the movie Eternals and determine whether these areas of action are related to the movie's narrative function. Vladimir Propp's theory was applied by the researcher in a qualitative approach with descriptive analysis. The results of this research showed that there are three spheres of action which appear in the movie Eternals which are Villain, Hero, and False Hero and there were fifteen narrative function from thirty-one that were found.