Analisis Buku Teks Pelajaran Bahasa Mandarin Jenjang SMA

  • Hudiyekti Prasetyaningtyas Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Keywords: evaluation, textbook, Mandarin, senior high school


Textbooks have an important position and function in learning Mandarin. One of the obstacles faced by Mandarin teachers when choosing and determining textbooks is the incompatibility with the character of Indonesian students, most of whom are beginner learners (level zero) with a background in Indonesian or regional languages as their mother tongue (B1) and have diverse cultural backgrounds. This research is early-stage research that evaluates several Chinese textbooks used in high schools from several angles, namely 1) the linguistic elements included in these books; 2) linguistic competence contained within the scope of learning achievement; and 3) level of difficulty of teaching materials. This study took data from several Chinese textbooks that were most widely used in learning Mandarin at the senior high school level as a research sample. The research was conducted using note-taking techniques. It is hoped that this research will provide input on the condition of the Mandarin textbooks used by teachers and students at the high school level.




Author Biography

Hudiyekti Prasetyaningtyas, Universitas Negeri Jakarta