Peer Review Process

The editorial and reviewing process of Journal ISLLAE goes through the following three stages.


A. Manuscript Pre-check

After submission, the manuscript will be checked by the editors. The matters that assessed includes (1) the suitability of the manuscript to the journal scope, (2) the suitability of the manuscript and the templates, (3) the qualification and the background of authors, and (4) reject the manuscript that inappropriate to journal criteria.


B. Blind Peer-review

Journal ISLLAE applies double blind peer review. In that case, both the authors and the reviewers do not know each identity. To assist the process, Journal ISLLAE staff would handle all communication with the authors, reviewers, and editors.


C. Editor Decision
After the peer-review, acceptance decisions on manuscripts are made by an editor. The decision would not be bold such as accepted or rejected, but it would be vary and the editor could choose from accept, ask the author for the revision, ask for an additional reviewer, and reject. To check and avoid all kind of plagiarism, the editorial office would check the manuscript using the Turnitin software.