Peer Review Process

This journal uses double-blind review:

  1. The researcher(s) write a paper and submits it to Parameter
  2. Manuscript articles will be checked by the editorial board regarding focus and scope, an article template, and the research’s novelty. The editor will either reject or accept it. If accepted, the article will go to reviewers
  3. Papers will be reviewed by at least 2 experts as suggested by the editorial board
  4. Any identifying information in relation to the author will be removed during the review process
  5. Reviewers follow an evaluation framework and recommendation guidelines to ensure objectivity and fairness. The reviewing process by reviewers is done for at least four until eight weeks
  6. The article is returned to the editor along with a recommendation to either reject the article, revise the article and resubmit it, or accept it
  7. The associate editor evaluates the reviewers feedback. Editors will have the option of seeking additional reviews when needed. Authors will be informed when Editors decide further review is required
  8. All publication decisions are made by the journal's Editors-in-Chief on the basis of the referees' reports. Authors of papers that are not accepted are notified promptly.
  9. Editor send the reviewers feedback to the corresponding author who may then revise and resubmit the article for further review
  10. Re-submission full paper by Author
  11. The editor receives the revised article and makes the final decision to publish it or not, taking into consideration the reviewers feedback. If an article finally meets editorial and peer review standards, article will be sent to production
  12. Paper will be published to the current issue