Peer Review Process

Perspektif Ilmu Pendidikan has a two-stage review process, namely the initial editorial review by one of the main editors who changes the results of the manuscript to be sent to peer review (second stage). Review the process editor to see approximately four weeks of time, but it can also take longer if there is writing that goes to the journal manager. If the manuscript passes in the second stage, the association editor will be directed to review the financial process. One manuscript will be displayed by two reviewers. Announcements are selected to edit manuscripts based on experience, expertise, and interests that match the theme of the manuscript. Perspektif Ilmu Pendidikan uses the "double blind" review process; that is, the reviewer does not know the name and the affiliation that is being removed by the journal manager, as well as the author that does not give the exact name of the reviewer for the article written. Ordinarily, the author was asked to write an identity letter accepted for publication. Articles that entered the editorial team issued a number of times below:

1. Contribution of knowledge of the field of Formal Education
2. Relevant literature and checking the results of research from journals
3. Clarity of research and / or development objectives
4. Use of the right metodhology
5. Completeness of empirical data, analysis, and quality discussion by quoting the results from previous studies
6. Compliance with the guide of the author of the journal Perspektif Ilmu Pendidikan

If the manuscript is in accordance with the above criteria, then it is ready to be sent to peer review, the entire review process takes four months from the time of submission. Time until the article can be published requires six months. It is necessary to consider the comments given by the reviewer to be implemented by the author. During the improvement, the author does not fulfill the comments provided by the revealer. The manuscript will still not be published.