Permanent Call for Papers


The editorial team of Satwika: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakatinvites authors to submit articles. Satwika: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat is an international peer-reviewed academic journal in the area of civic engagement and social dedication on social sciences fields.

As this is a permanent and open call, there is no specific deadline, authors may submit their papers at any time. Submitted papers will be reviewed as soon as possible. Accepted papers will be included in the next available issue of the journal.

Your submission should reflect the ‘Author Guidelines’.

In addition to its focus on peer-reviewed research papers, the journal welcomes other contributions including essays, reports about developments in a country or countries, conference reports, case studies, lesson reports or commentaries.

Based on a thorough selection process regarding the significance of the topic for the academic discourse in the field of social science education, the Jurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi ensures quality by a double-blind peer review. At least two reviews provide the basis for the final decision on publication by the Editors.

Thematic issues of the Jurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi deal with a wide range of significant topics including


In general, the topics discussed are related to the disciplines of Humanities, Education, Law, and Social Sciences which include but not limited to:

• Beliefs, Customs and Rituals
• Cultures
• Feminism
• Gender Studies
• Globalization
• Human & Civil Rights
• Migration & Immigration
• Peace & War
• Social Movements & Collective Behavior
• Sociology of Education
• Sociology of Religion

• Applied Anthropology
• Cultural Anthropology
• Educational Anthropology
• Ethnography
• Political Anthropology
• Theological Anthropology
• Urban Anthropology

• Administrative Law
• Consumer Protection
• Democracy
• Environment & Climate Change Law
• Human Rights
• Islamic Law
• Political Movements
• Political Science

• Critical Theory
• Logic
• Phenomenology
• Social Philosophy
• Western Philosophy

• Advertising & Public Relations
• Human Communication
• Heath Communication
• Internet
• Journalism
• Social & Ethical Issues in Communication

• Cognitive Psychology
• Counseling and Therapy
• Developmental Psychology
• Educational Psychology
• Social Psychology
• Community & Cross-Cultural Psychology

• Classroom Management
• Curriculum & Instruction
• Educational Theory
• Higher & Adult Education
• History of Education
• Humanities Education
• Learning Styles & Theories
• Science Education
• Social Studies Education

• Moderatism in Religion
• Religions & Traditions
• Religious Education
• Religious Tourism
• Contemporary Religion & Society
• Culture, Religion & Politics
• Inter-Religious Relations
• Spiritual Education

• History of Education
• Sacred Places and History
• History and Religion
• Social History

• Anthropology of Art
• Artistic Movements
• Arts Management
• Cultural Property
• Fashion & Design
• Music
• Teaching Art

• Climate Change
• Cultural Geography
• Development Geography
• Ecotourism
• Green Cities
• Political Geography
• Disaster Mitigation

• The Good Citizen: Historical Conceptions
• Good Persons and Good Citizens
• Global Citizenship Education
• Caracter Education
• Civic Virtue
• Spectrum of Virtues
• Modern Forms of Civic Education
• Action Civics
• Cosmopolitan Education


The Satwika: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat is supported with “Open Journal System” (OJS) – open source software for management and publication of open access journals. The Jurnal Ilmiah Mimbar Demokrasi adopts the COPE Guidelineson publication ethics. All authors are kindly asked to follow the editorial guidelines of Satwika: Jurnal Pengabdian kepada Masyarakat.