Plagiarism Screening

Screening For Plagiarism

In journal publishing, SEGAR strongly opposes plagiarism over the journal itself.
SEGAR do detection of plagiarism, including self plagiarism.

Authors must ensure that they have written the original work completely,
and if the author has used the work and / or other words of the person, then use the appropriate quoting
procedure, if not using the appropriate quoting procedure, then the paper found with the problem as it is
automatically rejected. The authors also fully respect the SEGAR Writing Guidelines for redundant,
duplicate or fraudulent publications.

Before the author submits the manuscript to SEGAR please at least to first check the use of plagiarism.
When submitting published articles for SEARCH originality checks recommend the use of Turnitin Plagiarism
Scanners from
It's a completely free and easy to use step-by-step process. The level of similarity is allowed at the
maximum 20 percent of the reserve.
Before using turnitin for the first time, we strongly recommend that the authors read the instructions
to use this plagiarism detector.

* Please note that SEGAR is not affiliated with Plagiarism Scanner.