Strategi Bauran Pemasaran dan Kualitas Pelayanan dalam Mempengaruhi Keputusan Pembelian Mobil Pada PT Astra Internasional Isuzu Lampung

  • Angga Febrian Universitas Teknokrat Indonesia


The sustainability of a company can be influenced by the marketing strategy and the quality of a company service given to influence the customer purchasing decision. This research aimed at knowing the effect of the marketing mix and quality of service that has been done by PT. Astra Internasional Isuzu Lampung in influencing the customer decisions to buy Isuzu car. The results of the research showed that: 1) The variable of marketing mix had the highest value where people get the value of 2723. The service quality had the highest value where emphaty  get the value of 1444. The variable of buying decision had the highest value where identification of the problems get 1488. 2) Marketing Mix (X1) was not significantly influenced by the purchasing decision of Isuzu cars in Lampung as indicated by the score  - 013 or -13%. The service Quality  is significantly influenced by purchasing decision as indicated by the score  0.69 or 69%. 3) Marketing Mix (X1)is significantly influenced by  the service quality as indicated by the score (0.48). Therefore, the greater level of marketing mix the higher service quality and the better impact on purchasing decisions.


Keywords: Marketing Mix, Service Quality, Purchasing Decisions