Perilaku Perundungan di Dunia Maya Siswa Ditinjau dari Kualitas Kelekatan Teman Sebaya dan Kontrol Diri

Cyberbullying Behavior Reviewed from Peer Attachment Quality and Self Control

  • Putri Swasti Rasmita Rukmi Prodi Psikologi UIN Sunan Kalijaga
  • Lisnawati Lisnawati
Keywords: Cyberbullying, peer attachment, self control


Recently, cyberbullying at teenagers is the most phenomenon happen. There are some factor influence cyberbullying: internal and external factor. Peer attachment as external factor and self control as internal factor, as the factors which correlated with cyberbullying. This research is aimed to examine the correlation between the quality of peer attachment and self control with student’s cyberbullying behavior in Ponorogo Senior High School. The proposed method is quantitative with cyberbullying scale, quality peer attachment scale, and self control scale. The population is class X and XI in one of senior high school in Ponorogo with the total number 833 students. A cluster random sampling is utilized as the sampling technique with the number of samples are 81 students. Furthermore, the analysis technique used in this research is Multiple Regression Analysis. The results of data analysis shows that the quality of peer attachment and self control together have no correlations with cyberbullying behavior or, in the words, the cyberbullying behavior is influenced only by one predictor with its score approximately at r=0,304 and p=0,006, thus, the major hypothesis in this research is rejected. Meanwhile, the self control has significant negative-correlation with the cyberbullying behavior (p=0,006), therefore the second hypothesis is accepted.