Journal History

Econosains Scientific Journal is the first Journal of Online Economics and Education published on May 29, 2007 (Volume 1. No 1 March 2007) by the name of the Econoscience Journal, with ISSN 1639-1661 in print.

Then since May 8, 2012, Journal of Econoscience published in electronic form with ISSN: 2252-8490 with website address

Related to the Dikti policy that requires all journals in the university to switch to the system of open journal system (OJS), then start Volume 15, No. 1 March 2017, Econosains migration to OJS version. The changes are also followed by the change of Econoscience website address from website to

Based on the policy of Jakarta State University, all journals in each faculty must be migrated in one container, starting from March 1, 2017 Econoscience migration again from its original address: becomes http: // journal.