Author Guidelines

1. Jurnal Pendidikan Sejarah is reserach-based articles on history education to enchance and promote the understanding, improvement, development of scholary theories and concept and the aplication of history education 

2. The article published in Jurnal Pendidikan Sejarah can not publish the article in other journal either partially nor wholely. The author will ensure the article is original and plagiarism-free 

3. Use referrence/sources for at least the last 5 years with the exception of certain primary sources 

4. The paper should be written in good Indonesian or English 5500 - 6500

* should be words in length (excluding abstract an references)

* written in 1,5 space,  palatino linotype font 12

* margin (top 4 cm, left 4 cm, bottom 3 cm, right 3 cm)

* The title should be condense, 13 words maximum and should refect the content as explored in the article 

* Author detail without degree, written under the title of the paper 

* Author institution and contact address should be written under author's name 

* Abstract should be written in both English and Indonesian in a single paragraph, 120-150 words lighting the key messages from the research 

Author Guidelines