The Scientific Journal of Jurnal Sejarah Lontar is an Online Journal of History and Education which has E-ISSN: 2597-453X P-ISSN: 693-7589 published by the Faculty of Social Science , State University of Jakarta (UNJ). Jurnal Sejarah Lontar published twice a year (June and December), containing 5-8 articles and received articles in areas: history, history education, social, politics, culture, human resources and management science studies, with research methodologies that meet the standards set for publication. The manuscript of the article may come from researchers, academics, practitioners, and other history and educational observers interested in history and educational research.


Building K. 4th Floor Campus A Jakarta State University, Jl. Rawamangun Muka Jakarta Timur, postal code 13220. Email: cc:

P-ISSN: 639-7589

E-ISSN: 2597-453X