Menganalisis Bahasa Agama Terhadap Toleransi Dalam Perspektif Islamophobia

  • Arifa Universitas Dharmawangsa
  • Pranata Salim Simamora
  • Abdul Aziz
Keywords: Bahasa Agama,, Toleransi, Islamopobhia


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Bahasa Agama, Toleransi, Islamophobia Abstrak

The presence of the text in the middle of the reader gives rise to different forms of use and understanding. The existence of the text needs to be reconsidered as to the extent to which the text’s truth is expressed and expressed in whole. As well as the understanding of the concept of “religious language” contained in Qur’an texts that also need to be studied holistically in order to gain a proper and comprehensive understanding. Then Islamophobia has become a global phenomenon due to the many acts of terrorism-terrorism with Islamic motives. In Indonesia, some community organizations are indicated to cause Islamophobia, thus disrupting social relations with religious people and causing problems in the religious community. The purpose of this study was the realization of a religious society that lived together and was tolerant. Religious tolerance is not to fuse with one another in faith. Nor is it to exchange beliefs with different religious groups. Tolerance here is in the sense of mu’amalah (social interaction), so there are common boundaries that may and may not be broken. This is the essence of moderation in the frame of tolerance where each party is expected to control itself and provide a space of tolerance so that it can respect and respect each other’s strengths and uniqueness in the absence of fear of rights and also of his beliefs.