Representasi Bahasa pada Rasisme Antar Kaum Agama dalam Media Youtube

  • Maharani Universitas Dharmawangsa
  • Dinda Rizki
  • Abdul Aziz
Keywords: Racism, Relegions, Language


This paper discusses the representation of racism through youtube. The findings first, the mass media is a powerful instrument. Second, because of the horizontal difference between them. These differences include ethnicity, religion, occupation, or profession. Islamic solutions in overcoming cases of racism include: the prohibition of making fun of a people, instilling the concept of monotheism in relation to hablumminallah and hablumminannas, applying the concept of one family within the framework of the state, considering differences as a sign of the greatness of Allah SWT, which must be preserved, instilling in oneself that every human being is born in a noble state, and Islam comes as rahmatan lil ‘alamin that protects all ethnicities and tribes.