Module on Writing Indonesian Procedure Text Betawi Cultural Heritage Based on Project-Based Learning

  • Feti Nurazizah Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Ninuk Lustyantie Universitas Negeri Jakarta
  • Siti Ansoriyah Universitas Negeri Jakarta
Keywords: Module, Writing Indonesian Procedure Text, Betawi Cultural Heritage, Project-Based Learning


This study discusses the development of Indonesian teaching modules, especially on procedural text material among Package B students. It is known that package B students are quite different from formal schools in general because in one class students have different age gaps and initial knowledge. PKBM Negeri 10 Jakarta in particular has a learning group for students aged 12-19 years. Indonesian lesson is one of the subjects that Package B learners learn requires mastering four skills, one of which is writing. But in reality, students still have difficulty in constructing words into writing and developing ideas in the mind into written language. This research aims to create a procedure text learning module to achieve students' reading interest and the development of writing teaching materials for class VII Package B students based on project-based learning. This research starts from 2021 to September 2023. The research method used is RnD with the ADDIE method. Data collection techniques are carried out using interviews, observations, and document analysis. Making modules with the concept of ADDIE and project-based learning is carried out according to the existing stages. The module validators are experts in the fields of practitioners, languages, and design. The result of the validator's assessment of the Betawi Cultural Heritage module is very feasible, it only needs to be updated in language that is still inaccurate in language rules. This was reinforced by the results of the distribution of questionnaires that students were very satisfied and preferred the Betawi Cultural Heritage module rather than the e-module given by the teacher.

Author Biographies

Feti Nurazizah, Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Student at Master of Applied Linguistics Study Program, Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Ninuk Lustyantie, Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Lecturer at Master of Applied Linguistics Study Program, Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Siti Ansoriyah, Universitas Negeri Jakarta

Lecturer at Master of Applied Linguistics Study Program, Universitas Negeri Jakarta


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How to Cite
Nurazizah, F., Lustyantie, N., & Ansoriyah, S. (2023). Module on Writing Indonesian Procedure Text Betawi Cultural Heritage Based on Project-Based Learning. IJLECR (International Journal of Language Education and Cultural Review), 9(2), 37-56.

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