Focus and Scope


Jurnal Diskursus Pendidikan Sosiologi (JDPS) is dedicated to advancing the study of Sociology Education, emphasizing the integration of sociological theories and methodologies in educational contexts. The journal prioritizes research that explores the development, implementation, and impact of sociology education across various learning environments. By highlighting the interdisciplinary nature of sociology, JDPS seeks to foster a deeper understanding of how sociological principles can inform and enhance educational practices, policies, and learner outcomes in both local and global contexts.


JDPS is committed to publishing original research, theoretical frameworks, and comprehensive reviews that contribute to the field of Sociology Education, Sociology, and the broader Social Sciences. The journal encourages submissions that address the following general topics:

  1. Sociology of Education: Studies focusing on the application and impact of sociological theories within educational settings.
  2. Learning Media in Sociology: Research on the development, use, and effectiveness of educational media and technologies in sociology education.
  3. Implementation of Sociology Learning: Analyses of strategies, methodologies, and practices in teaching sociology.
  4. Impact of Sociology Education: Investigations into the outcomes of sociology education on students, educators, and communities.
  5. Interdisciplinary Approaches in Sociology: Papers that explore the integration of sociology with other disciplines to address complex social issues.
  6. Empirical Studies in Sociology: Empirical research that contributes to the understanding of sociological phenomena within the educational context.
  7. Sociological Theory and Education: Discussions on how sociological theories are applied, challenged, or evolved within educational frameworks.
  8. Global Perspectives on Sociology Education: Comparative studies or international research that offers insights into sociology education across different cultural and societal contexts.
  9. Innovations in Sociology Teaching and Learning: Innovative approaches, techniques, and tools for enhancing sociology education.
  10. Sociology and Social Change: Examination of how sociology education contributes to understanding and facilitating social change.

JDPS welcomes contributions from scholars, educators, and practitioners who are engaged in the study and practice of sociology and education. By providing a platform for the dissemination of scholarly work, JDPS aims to stimulate scientific debate, promote academic exchange, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge in the field of Sociology Education and beyond.