Peer Review Process

Manuscripts submitted to Jurnal Diskursus Pendidikan Sosiologi (JDPS) will undergo a rigorous selection and assessment process by the Board of Editors to ensure compliance with the writing guidelines, focus, and scope, and to ascertain their academic excellence. The manuscripts will be reviewed using a double-blind method, ensuring anonymity between authors and reviewers.

Pre-Review Stage: At this initial stage, manuscripts are scrutinized for adherence to the journal's writing guidelines, focus, and scope, along with an evaluation of their academic quality. Should a manuscript fall short of these criteria, authors will be provided an opportunity to revise their submission accordingly. There exists a possibility for immediate rejection if the manuscript significantly deviates from the journal's standards.

Peer Review: Manuscripts clearing the desk review phase are forwarded to two expert reviewers in the relevant field. This review process is targeted to be completed within 1-2 weeks. Manuscripts failing the desk review will not advance to this stage.

Reviewer’s Decision: Reviewers can recommend the following actions:

  • Accepted: The manuscript is deemed suitable for publication as is.
  • Accepted with Minor Revisions: The manuscript requires minor modifications before publication.
  • Accepted with Major Revisions: Significant issues, such as data analysis, theoretical framework, or substantial rewriting, need addressing.
  • Declined: The manuscript does not meet the publication standards or has fundamental flaws.

The Board of Editors will consider the reviewers' recommendations to decide the manuscript's fate. However, the final decision to accept or reject a manuscript lies with the JDPS editors.

Revision Stage: Manuscripts marked for revision will be returned to the author along with a review summary form. Authors are given 3 weeks for major revisions and 1 week for minor adjustments.

Final Decision: Post-revision, manuscripts are re-evaluated by the Board of Editors to ensure all concerns have been addressed. Failure to adequately revise a manuscript can still result in rejection at this stage.

Proofreading: Accepted manuscripts undergo proofreading to ensure linguistic accuracy.

Publication Confirmation: In the final stage, authors review the manuscript's final layout to confirm content accuracy and correct any typographical errors. Following the author's confirmation, the Editorial Secretary proceeds with the manuscript's online and print publication.